This Austin Bar Is Getting a ‘Simpsons’ Makeover for Halloween

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Who says dressing up on Halloween is just for trick-or-treaters? Austin bar Nickel City decided to get into the spooky holiday spirit by transforming into the iconic watering hole from The Simpson’s—Moe’s Tavern.


The bar’s owner, Travis Tober, told CNN Travel the idea came to him while speaking to a colleague about how similar the outside of Nickel City was to Moe’s Tavern. After comparing the two store fronts, he knew Moe’s would be easy to replicate—and the perfect tribute to his fictional hero.

“I grew up in a bar family,” Tober explained. “My favorite character is Moe. I always identified with him.”

Decked out in green and orange checkered windows, purple paneling, and a wooden door with a single circular window, the makeover makes Simpson’s enthusiasts feel as if they’re stepping straight into the cartoon world.

“We’re big fans of The Simpsons so we were super excited when we heard about it,” Austin resident Ava Love Hanna told CNN Travel. “It’s hilarious and really does look like Moe’s outside.”

Nickel City’s menu also received a complete Simpsons revamp. Teaming up with local donut shop Republic Donuts, Tober created the Donut Shot, which is made with Grand Marnier, creme de cacao, and milk and paired with a pink frosted treat on the side. He also added his own version of the Krusty burger, a Flaming Moe cocktail made by scowling bar patrons (sans children’s cough syrup, fortunately), and a “Duff” beer section.

Can’t make it to Austin this Halloween? Don’t sweat it. Tober plans to turn the bar’s makeover into an annual tradition, with a different pop culture theme every year.






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