Step Back in Time at Capella Ubud, Bali’s New Glamorous Resort

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When Capella Ubud opened this past July in Bali’s jungled interior, the resort’s 22 tented cottages, inspired by Dutch spice-trading camps of the late 1800s, were often described as made for glamping—that portmanteau of glamorous and camping.



The description is inaccurate at best. Capella Ubud is a time warp. A gateway to another land. Walking into one of its cottages—with its hand-carved wooden doors, plush four-poster bed, and hedonistic outdoor shower—you feel as if you’re stepping into a Rudyard Kipling novel. You can cool off in a private saltwater plunge pool that overlooks terraced rice fields, or zen out in emerald-green forests crackling with early-morning birdsong and a nighttime chorus of frogs.

You can even hop over to Ubud, the island’s cultural heart, for a traditional fire show. There are modern luxuries, too, of course. A 24-hour personal assistant will set up a whitewater rafting trip through a river valley or mountain-bike ride down a puffing volcano. And at night, you can fill up on sustainably farmed fare and listen to locals spin yarns around a billowing campfire. Because, you know, what would camping be, no matter how glamorous, without story time?


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