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If you’re a whiskey connoisseur, you have to make sure you’re getting the most from every drink.

The best way to do that? Using the right whiskey glasses. Whether it’s a nosing glass, a mixer glass, an Irish coffee glass, a cocktail glass, or a Mason jar cocktail glass, there a certain piece of glassware you can use for every whisky need.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, there’s some help out there for you. The Teeling Distillery—Dublin’s first new whiskey distillery in 125 years since opening in 2015—helped us out and put together a handy guide to all the whiskey glasses you’ll ever need.

Nosing Glass: On the narrower side, this glass helps maintain the whiskey’s flavors and aroma, often used for smelling—or “nosing”—and for tasting your whiskey.

Mixer Glass: A mixer glass has a narrow top, but is bigger at the bottom so that you can “open up the whiskey” and really bring out the flavor.

Irish Coffee Glass: The coffee glass is just what you think—you use that to mix Irish whiskey, coffee, and a little sugar and cream for a perfect Irish Coffee.

Cocktail Glass: The cocktail glass is a longer glass, so you can add ice, garnish, and whatever you’re mixing with, and still have plenty of room for your whiskey.


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