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Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Imagine experiencing a full body workout routine that takes minutes to complete and not hours. By reading every word of this article, you will learn the best exercises to lose weight and heat of your body to continue burning calories for up to 72 hours after physical conditioning. Skeptical?

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I think you’ll agree that there is confusion about what constitutes best practice sessions. If you ask a dozen trainers, you will probably get many answers. Many of the problem start from not knowing how to eat properly or following fad diets most recent.

High Intensity Strength Training is the collection of techniques and principles that have been proven most effective and efficient in achieving the goal of weight loss, health and fitness.

You may ask why should I care about winning the muscle when what I want is to lose weight? There are two very good reasons for this is important. Muscle adds good looks and attractive lines to your body.

And the other reason is that muscle burns more calories than fat. Even when watching TV or sleeping, muscle is a calorie. This should be sufficient motivation to gain more lean muscle.

The High intensity strength training method that I have presented in this paper has three important principles.

1. Intensity – the amount of effort generated during the year.

2. Volume and frequency – the number of hours spent exercising and how often you exercise.

3. Progression lose weight, gain lean muscle and strength requires that you train your body in a progressive manner.

Using the combination of intensity, volume and frequency and you will achieve the highest level of weight loss and gain of lean muscle mass and you’ll be better and feel more confident.

Source by Allen Crocombe

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