A 150 Acre Fire Is Raging Through Los Angeles Right Now

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The 405 freeway and homes are on fire in Los Angeles’s Bel Air neighborhood as result of a massive wildfire sweeping through the area.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the fire is burning across 150 acres and had already totaled a reportedly six homes by 9 A.M. PST. The 405 has been closed because of the flames. Homes throughout the area have been ordered to evacuate.

“It’s been years since anything here has burned at all,” said Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Cody Weireter in an interview with the LA Times. “You’ve got heavy, heavy brush, you’ve got the dryness—obviously, we haven’t had any rain at all. A lot of the fire is topography-driven, which already becomes dangerous. The wind is going to increase that twofold.”


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